Tenants - Making Sure You Have The Right Insurance

Tenant Insurance

Ensure you have insured your contents cover from the moment you move in –

Breakages and thefts can happen. If you are in a rented property, the landlord is, in the majority of cases, responsible for buildings insurance. This means you should only be responsible for arranging your own contents cover for anything you keep in the property.

Buildings insurance generally only covers the building itself and this is usually the responsibility of the property owner so this means you're unlikely to need building insurance if you're renting. There can be exceptions so it’s always worth checking with your landlord or letting agent if you are not sure.

If only you or your family live in the house –

To find the cheapest cover we suggest hitting the comparison sites such as Compare the Market or Confused.com. This is a quick way to compare what different providers have to offer. Don’t forget though that not all insurance providers offer rates through these companies so it’s still worth a scout round outside of these sites.

If you start your journey through a cashback company such as Quidco or Top Cashback then you could potential get some of the cost back as cash back.

If you're living in a house or flat share –

Getting cover from mainstream insurers can be problematic. There are things that can positively impact this such as having an individually locked room or having CCTV. Comparison sites often say they do provide flat-share quotes, but it’s your responsibility to check that the policy that you are quoted does actually cover shared houses as sometimes these sites get it wrong. You can also turn to specialists in this field such as Endsleigh, Home Protect. Alternatively you can source a broker via BIBA and they will be able to provide you with a specialist quote.

Chat with your letting agent. They will have experience in dealing with this and should be in a good place to guide you.

Don’t forget, if you're in a house-share, ALWAYS let your insurance company know you live with people who are not part of your family otherwise your insurance may be invalid in the event of a claim.

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